Curious Brewery - Distinctive Beers

Distinctive beers and cider made by Chapel Down, England’s leading winemaker.

This unique knowledge and expertise has allowed them to make beer that is uniquely different but at the same time they have created a drink which they know is better beer. By using only the best ingredients and applying the unique passion, knowledge, care and balance of a winemaker’s skill they are able to make products that make people smile. It’s not just about cramming so many hops into a pint that it makes you wince, but creating a beer that has balance, depth, flavour and style and which does what great beer should do first and last - Refresh.

Curious Brew is a premium lager brewed using fine English malt and Saaz & Cascade hops, then re-fermented with Champagne yeast and given a late ‘dosage’ of rare and fragrant Nelson Sauvin hops for a cleaner, fruitier and more refreshing modern lager beer.

Curious IPA is a delicately balanced but powerfully hoppy IPA with three complementary hops that is a homage to the power of three, as used to create Bordeaux, Champagne and Cotes du Rhone wines. The result is a pale ale of balance, finesse and distinctive drinkability.

Curious Porter is a nutty London-style Porter, brewed using chocolate malt and the classic English hops: Bramling Cross and Challenger. It’s then matured using winemakers vanilla oak to bring gentle sweetness to a naturally bitter beer. Curious Apple is the cider to compliment the range. Made only with hand-picked apples from Kent, the Garden of England. To preserve their aromatic, delicate and crisp flavour, the apples are pressed and then cold fermented with Bacchus wine yeast, resulting in a cleaner, fresher, modern cider.

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